Whit & Tom

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Update through iphon pics!

Yes I finally got an iphone! So cool! It is probably one of the best purchases I have ever made!
We had a road trip to Crystal Hot Springs! So trashy but funnest slide ever! 
Kiah danced at Lagoon so we made a day of it! It's what fun is! 

While there we all tried on her clip in bangs! BANGIN!

My cousin Heidi and Alex Florek got engaged! We all got to be there! So fun! 

A lot of swimming! 

Lake Powell! 

My Dad still loves Harley


Preschool graduation, Tear. 

Fun shopping day with the girls and Mikelle got to be our server! 

Grizz pulled funny faces! 

My BFF Natalie had a baby

Temple night with my sister

Ragnar with my sister

Tom finally held baby Oakley! She is 4months old! 

Katie got married! Such a fun day! 

Celebrating our third year anniversary! Tom's great Uncle who sealed us passed away and his funeral was on our anniversary. 

Heber Valley Girls Camp 2013. It was a stake camp so I got to be with my mom and sister! It was so fun! 

Summer is going by way to fast! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bahama-Mama 2013

Tom and I were lucky enough to go on a cruise to the Bahamas in March! It was fabulous! When we decided that we wanted to go on a cruise we tried to convince our friends to come with us but none of them could come so we decided to ask my parents. Ironically my sisters had planned a trip to Hawaii the same exact time so technically our family went on a vacation just not together! ha It was so much fun and I cannot wait for summer!

 We celebrated my Mom's 50th birthday while we were there!
 Every night I made Tom take a picture by the towel animals! I loved the animals, Tom didn't really understand my love but he was a sport to take pictures by the animals!
 We had a day at sea and it was so nice! We laid out all day, went on the water slides, and ate a lot of ice cream!

 Our first stop was at Free Port

 We booked an excursion to swim with dolphins at the Atlantis hotel. We had to HIKE to the dolphin pool! We walked for over an hour to the pool it was so long but it was fun to see all of the hotel!

 I wish I had pictures of us with the dolphins, but it was so much fun! We did a free swim with them and got to get pushed by them! Cross that off my bucket list!

 I WILL be going back to that hotel sometime in my life! It was so so neat!
 We sat with the nicest family at dinner. They had a boy Kiah's age and he was such a cutie! One night for the entertainment they played a slow song and invited the men to ask the ladies to dance and he asked Kiah! Pretty brave for a 14 year old! He also taught us some sweet magic tricks!
 Oh these braids! I wanted braids way bad so at the end of our first stop we found a place that did them! The lady told us that it was $3 a braid. I thought ok this will cost me like 30 or 40 dollars which is kind of a lot but I figured I might as well! Well let's just say we were there forever and me and Kiah ended up with 50 braids each! If you did the math that is $150! I wanted to barf! Now we laugh about it but at the time I was dying!
 Our second stop was at Naussau. We went to Port Lucaya which had good shopping and a fun beach!
 At the beach we decided to go parasailing. This is the boat ride out to the dock. There was huge waves and a little boat! I think in this picture we were getting splashed!

 Getting in the gear!

 All other parasailing I have seen they use a pulley system on the back of the boat, not here! They just had a long rope tied on the back of the boat, and the boat took off while you were standing on the dock. The workers just told you to kind of run and jump! Scary!

 To land the workers told us to watch them and they would point what way we needed to lean so that we would land on the dock! So scary! It all went smoothly and was actually very relaxing but just scary when we got the initial instructions!

 After parasailing we went snorkeling. The water was freezing so I kayaked! ha The water was crystal blue though and we saw a lot of fish! And I got to use my underwater camera! So cool!

We had so much fun and hopefully we can go on another cruise sometime! We love you Bahamas!