Whit & Tom

Friday, July 9, 2010

You Can Call Me Mrs. Brewer!

We are MARRIED! It is so crazy how you plan for months, have so much stress, and so much fun planning for a wedding then it is over! But the day was seriously perfect! I had to wake up around four so I could shower, before Steph came to do my hair! She is amazing! Seriously best hair stylist around! I couldn't have been happier. We then drove to the temple, on the way there I fell asleep (apparently I wasn't nervous at all!). The workers at the Salt Lake Temple were amazing! They were just so nice and really made you feel beautiful. When I started getting dressed for the sealing the feeling I had was overwhelming. I felt nervous yet calm, scared yet excited, just such mixed emotions but never doubtful of my decision. We were able to be sealed by Tom's great uncle, Phil Sonntag. He did such a good job! He kept reminding us to have joy and to create the joy in our lives. Coming out of the temple was an awesome feeling to see all of our family and friends there! Now to my favorite part. . . the reception! I could not have dreamed up a better reception! My mom seriously did an amazing job at everything! We had the reception in my back yard. We had a huge tent with tooele, white lanterns, and a chandelier! We served ice cream courtesy of Frosted Rock, and cookies. I never really got to see any of the food, but I have been told it was delicious! We had a great DJ who did a great job of getting the crowd involved, everyone just danced the night away! We drove away on Tom's scoot (which he had to kick start) under sparklers! Overall, it was just the best day ever! This week has been so much fun and I cannot wait to spend everyday with Tom! I love you babe!
p.s. there will be more pictures to come of all the decorations!