Whit & Tom

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Deceived: Misrepresentation or a misleading falsehood.

This afternoon before Tom left for work I was looking out our back window. Our neighbors got a new puppy and I love watching him! This puppy is going to be a GIANT dog! He is already the size of Grizz if not bigger. He is so funny to watch he will just run and run and run! Well today I noticed him playing with something but I couldn't figure out what it was. I went out there to look and it was a cat! It was just rolling back and forth but not getting up. The puppy would grab it through it up in the air, and bite it pretty hard. I yelled at Tom to come outside and begged him to go rescue the cat. Tom being my knight in shining armor grabbed a bucket and hopped the fence. He walked over to the cat, examined it, and through the thing up in the air. It was a stuffed animal! I guess it is some kind of dog toy. It is a cat that will roll around and everything! Me and Tom were defiantly deceived! I am still laughing about the whole thing! Hopefully our neighbors weren't looking through their window!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bachelorette Party: A party that is given for a woman before her wedding that is usually attended only by women.

Last Friday that is exactly what happened for my friend Alexis. Now being mormon may limit you to what can be done on a bachelorette party. We were planning on having a spa night, glitter toes and all!! ( I know wild right?) Well luckily earlier that day a friend from my FAVORITE comedy improv show called. He said that he could pull Alexis up on stage if we came! So that is exactly what we did! It was sooo funny! Lexy had no idea! They pulled her up and auditioned to be her wedding singers! Here are just a couple. . . Enjoy!