Whit & Tom

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Halloween overall is a great holiday! I love dressing up and seeing everyone else dress up as well! Last year the girls in my family decided to go to Disneyland for my little sister's birthday after last year we were hooked! Disneyland over Halloween is the best! We all dressed up and had so much fun at Mickey's not so scary Halloween (yes we are grown women) It is so much fun though! This year we had the group from UP, Mulan, Rapunzel, Ursla, Jack Sparrow, Tink, and my Grandma was a cute witch! This year Halloween itself was kind of a bust. We got back from Disneyland on Halloween so I didn't have much time to plan anything so we just hung out with our families we didn't even dress up so lame! I did make dinner in a pumpkin and that was pretty sweet! Overall it was a great holiday!