Whit & Tom

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Honesty is the Best Policy

It is late and I am tired so that is the best time to write my feelings right? Here is a list of my honest feelings right now. . .

1. Summer school is not easier than regular semesters. I got told this lie many times before attempting summer semester, not true!

2. I wish I got to spend more time with my husband. I am grateful he is such a hard worker, but work is time consuming.
3. I am so excited for the LP this weekend. I am in need of a vacation!
4. I am jealous my sister is getting married in a month. That's right I want to relive my wedding day!
5. Because of number 4 I go with her to all her appointments. Dress fittings, engagements,bridals, hair do appointments. What can I sayI am supportive/ living through her.

6. When I am with my new baby niece/nephew I want to hold them constantly. When other's are holding them I try to stay close so I can snatch the baby as soon as possible.
7. I try not to mention anything to do with a baby in fear that people will think I want one. (which I do just not at this point in my life)

8. Kelly moved to Hawaii Friday and I miss her already.
9. I am sad we are on season 8 of Friends because there is only 10. I fear of what will happen after it is over.

10. I still think of and miss my Grandpa everyday. (will this ever stop?)
11. I do not like to tell people I spray paint because I do not want to seem like I am bragging.
12. When I run I know I could go faster but choose to go slow. Does this mean I am lazy?

13. I do not add all the blogs I stalk to my list of blogs because I am embarrassed at how many I read.

14. I want to dress more high fashion but do not dare to.

15. I always wonder if my kids will be able to say their Rs.

16. Right now is probably the happiest I have been ever. And I am not just saying that because others may read this.