Whit & Tom

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It was a good time!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I don't even know where to start when I think about being married for one year! To think that I was so nervous about the idea of marriage is so crazy to think now! I feel very blessed to be married to Tom. He is such a hard worker and is full of love. To celebrate our first anniversary we got a massage together and went to the Oaks for dinner! We got our first massage together on our honeymoon so we figured we would make it a tradition and get one every year! Marriage is great and I cannot wait for many years to come with my man!

Her 4th Anniversary of Her 20th Birthday!

About 4 months ago my sweet Grandma sent out invitations to her 4th anniversary of her 20th birthday! We went to Maddox to celebrate and let's just say my mouth has been watering ever since the invitations were sent out! It was a great celebration! I wish my Grandpa could have been there with us but it was still great! My Grandma is wonderful she is such a hard worker and never rests for a minute! I just want to write a funny story from the other day to prove that my Grandma hates to be babied and just so that down the road I can remember. My Grandma is our number one fan of our co-ed softball league. Last week our game was at 10:30 at night! I figured my Grandma wouldn't want to come but I called to invite her just in case she did. When she answered the phone I told her about our game and asked if she wanted to come. My Grandma could not put any words together. She just kept mumbling and was struggling to talk. This scared me and I asked her if I should come over to check on her she answered with a firm NO! When I hung up I called my aunt. Many may be wondering why didn't you just walk down the street to see if she was ok? Once again my Grandma does not want to be babied I was scared! So I called Aunt Jan and told her to call Grandma to see if everything was ok. A few minutes later my Aunt called back and said the first thing my Grandma said when she picked up the phone was "Did Whitney just call you?" My Grandma was so mad that we would have to check on her! I guess my phone call and woke her up from a nap and she was a little out of it when she was talking to me! The whole thing was scary but so funny just because my Grandma was so mad that we would check on her! She is a fighter! We love you so much and happy celebration of your 4th anniversary of your 20th birthday party Grandma!

Showering Keelee With LOVE!!

We threw Keelee a bridal shower last week and it was a major success! My mom seriously needs to go into the party business! It was a stressful morning getting ready for this event though! All before noon I. . . got my hair done, went to Target, made a pound of spaghetti salad, went back to Target, took Kiah to a birthday party, went to Target again!, went to Zurchers, put together center pieces, went to Harmons, and then to the party! I was beat! So many people came to celebrate with Keelee! My grandma made 60 yes 60 rolls for our sweet pork sandwiches and an hour into the part they were gone! Mikelle had to run to the store to buy more rolls! Crazy! It was an open house too! We set out a quilt so that people could tie a little when they came so Keelee would have a quilt by the end of the party! This idea was a bust! This quilt was almost the death of me! I do not quilt but man all night me, Ruby Jane, and Jan worked on this quilt! It turned out perfect though! It was a successful party and I am so excited for Keelee! Two more weeks!!


I love Ragnar! I am so happy I have been lucky enough to find teams the past two years! Ragnar is defiantly tiring but so worth it! This year I got way less sleep but my running was way better than last year which makes it a little more enjoyable! I can't wait for next year! Go Mt. Land!