Whit & Tom

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hard Working Husband. . .

I wish my husband could be home with me right now. . . But I am grateful he is not

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My List. . .

Everyone has been making lists of what they are grateful for so I figured I would do my own.

1- Tom
I love him!
Grateful when it's over!
3-My family
They help us with so much.
4- In-laws
They make me feel like one of their one!
Guilty pleasure. Go Kyle!
6- Young Women
It takes a lot of time but it is so worth it.
7- Friends
No matter how long it's been it's always wonderful seeing them.
8- ASP
Such a great job! "Feel free to take a pumpkin"
9- Kids
You never know what they are going to say.
10- Internet
Homework. Shows. Blogs. It does so much.

My list could go on and on but these are just some of my favorites!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Halloween was great this year! I love when you are able to celebrate this holiday all month cause this means you get to dress up multiple times! I started off this month the best way possible by going to Disneyland! This all girls trip started on a Thursday, 8 of us girls loaded up in a SUV and headed for Cali. Me, my mom, Mikelle, Kiah, Aunt Jan, Heidi, Carlee, and my Grandma all went. It seriously was the best weekend ever! (especially since Tom was hunting neither of us had to stay home alone!) We got tickets to Mickey's not so scary Halloween and it magical. They shut down the park and only let so many people back into the park. They have trick or treating at every ride, the decorations are unreal, and the best part everyone dresses up! Fortunately Kiah got a new camera for her birthday so I didn't take mine, unfortunately she lost it the first night there so I have no pics! I am so sad about this because all of our costumes were amazing! I was tinker bell! We had cruela devil, alice in wonderland, cinderella, belle, and many other wonderful costumes! Overall it was a short trip and a long drive but so worth it I LOVED it! And hope I can go back with Tom very soon!

Other activities consisted of multiple pumpkin carving parties, one spent with Don that was really nice. An ASP party that was pretty happenin and some light up pumpkins got swiped from parents I may add (it is in Clearfield), and a great minute to win it party hosted by me and Tom up at the Brewer cabin. Overall it was a great holiday and I am so glad that the holiday season is here! Here are some pics of the ASP party, pumpkin carving and minute to win it party!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rantings of a Married LDS 21 year old. . .

This semester I am in a communications class that has really got me angry and made me think a lot about my religion and life. Now you're probably asking how in the world can a communications class do this for you? Well his name is Mark Merekly and he is my pot stirrer. Basically there has been a couple classes where he complains about mormons and our religion and says how we are closed minded and have everything wrong, how our girls get married so young, don't get an educaiton, then get a divorce. One class it got so bad I finally got up and left. I called Tom and just went off on how mad I was and I couldn't believe the things he was saying. All Tom said " why didn't you say anything back?" Simple, yet brilliant. So next class I walked in there ready to defend my beliefs, and I had a perfect chance. We did this exercise where we closed our eyes and were suppose to vote on which answer best described what we would do. The question was, if your superior asked you to express your opinion about something you felt strongly about how would you do it? Our choices were A. Be the first one to say something. B. Wait for the right moment then say something. C. Wait to be called upon. D. Wait until everyone is finished then say something. I said C. (it's just how I am!) He then had us sit in a circle by the people we answered like. Only me and two other people said C. Four boys said A. One boy said D. and Everyone else said B. He then asked us to discuss why? So the class went on arguing why which answer was better, how you should speak your opinion, but should you do it in a polite manner, or if you wait will you sometimes miss your oppurtunity. Then something happened. . . Mark Merkley, the man I do not like asked me for my opinion. It was like all that I had bottled up inside over the past 5 weeks became unleashed. I told him how he had made me angry almost every class, how he stood up there every class and said everything I believe in is wrong, that my marriage will fail, and I am closed minded. I told him there was no sense in arguing or expressing my opinion with people like him because they are to closed minded themselves to listen. He then asked if I was just scared to share my opinion because I lacked confidence! This made me even more mad. Umm pretty sure I have never lacked confidence, I told him. I have always been proud of who I am and my decisions. Believed in myself and known that I am living in a good way so for you to say I lack confidence because I don't argue with you everyday is wrong. He simply shrugged his shoulders and moved on. I wish I could say the story ended here because this post is becoming to long, but it didn't. After class he pulled me aside and apologized for making me angry every class. He said that he just doesn't want me to settle, that if I wanted to be a relief society president then that was great, but if I wanted to be something else I should, that if I wanted to be a powerful woman who wanted to change the world then I should. I just said what if I don't want that? What if I want kids and to raise them and just to be a powerful mom? And he said then that is good to if that is what you really want? Anyway. . moral of the story, my teacher has good intentions even if he goes about it in a wrong way. He has gotten me to think and to try to become open minded but he has also strengthened my testimony. He has made me realize how much I do love this gospel and how I want to defend it with everything that I have. Even if he thinks my marriage will fail, I know my marriage isn't of this world and has an eternal plan. So thank you Mark Merekly for making me angry and strengthening my testimony.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Additon. . .

We got a puppy and I LOVE him! Tom is so sweet I have been begging for a dog ever since we got engaged! I have always had one growing up and Tom has never had one, so needless to say we did not exactly see eye to eye on this! One day looking on KSL for dogs (I did this everyday) I came across the cutest looking dog, plus it was the same kind as Tom's brother's dog so I knew he would be into it! I called Tom and told him about it so he looked at it and was stoked! He called the lady and bad new it was sold already! (or so he said) That night I was making dinner and I heard Tom yell my name in our back yard, I stepped out on the porch and saw the cute puppy sitting there with a blue ribbon on it! I wish I took a picture so badly! But I was almost in tears I was so happy! Tom isseriously the best!

Now I will admit it has been a lot of work but I get so stoked when he finally learns things! For instance I cannot even remember the last time he went "potty" in the house! So happy! He can finally sit and shake when you tell him! So happy! And he isn't bitting my ankles as much . . . we are working on it! But I love Grizz! Tom you are the sweetest husband ever!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Last weekend Tom had a wakeboarding comp and it was super fun! You can't really complain when you get to sit on the beach all day watching people wake board! Well I will complain actually caused Tom got jipped! He did so good and defiantly should have placed in the top three! Besides being sorely disappointed it was still a fun day!

Tom getting ready to ride!

Us girls hanging in the water!

We LOVE Decade! Great sponsor!

My man all geared up ready to go!

You're number one in my book! ;)


It doesn't get much better!


This year Tom and his friends were apart of the prerodeo! They had to ride a wild bucking horse! It was pretty scary! Thank goodness Jeff brought Tom some gloves, because right when they opened the shoot the horse took off and with Tom hanging on the end of the rope drug Tom halfway across the arena! Tay Flint was able to get on top of that horse ( well kind of) and they won! It was a scary/entertaining prerodeo!

I love this time of year and especially going to the rodeo! Tom and his brothers have helped set up banners for the rodeo since before his mission so we have always attended and I love it!

Sleepy Tom . .

Getting up at 3 in the morning really is taking it's toll on my poor boy! But I am sooo grateful for his hard work!

Friday, July 9, 2010

You Can Call Me Mrs. Brewer!

We are MARRIED! It is so crazy how you plan for months, have so much stress, and so much fun planning for a wedding then it is over! But the day was seriously perfect! I had to wake up around four so I could shower, before Steph came to do my hair! She is amazing! Seriously best hair stylist around! I couldn't have been happier. We then drove to the temple, on the way there I fell asleep (apparently I wasn't nervous at all!). The workers at the Salt Lake Temple were amazing! They were just so nice and really made you feel beautiful. When I started getting dressed for the sealing the feeling I had was overwhelming. I felt nervous yet calm, scared yet excited, just such mixed emotions but never doubtful of my decision. We were able to be sealed by Tom's great uncle, Phil Sonntag. He did such a good job! He kept reminding us to have joy and to create the joy in our lives. Coming out of the temple was an awesome feeling to see all of our family and friends there! Now to my favorite part. . . the reception! I could not have dreamed up a better reception! My mom seriously did an amazing job at everything! We had the reception in my back yard. We had a huge tent with tooele, white lanterns, and a chandelier! We served ice cream courtesy of Frosted Rock, and cookies. I never really got to see any of the food, but I have been told it was delicious! We had a great DJ who did a great job of getting the crowd involved, everyone just danced the night away! We drove away on Tom's scoot (which he had to kick start) under sparklers! Overall, it was just the best day ever! This week has been so much fun and I cannot wait to spend everyday with Tom! I love you babe!
p.s. there will be more pictures to come of all the decorations!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yes! The countdown is on! Thursday could not come sooner! I am so ready to marry Tom and for the stress of a wedding to be over! But until then I will be patient for this week to be over! I was able to receive my endowments this week and it was very good. I have never been more nervous in my life driving to the temple, I am pretty sure I bit all of my fingernails off! But walking in and seeing Tom there waiting for me calmed me down quickly. The temple is defiantly something you cannot describe. The feeling there is wonderful and I feel so blessed to have all the family I had come attend this special day with me! It will defiantly take time and going back regularly to get used to everything and learn all that I need to, but I am truly excited to go back again. This time it will be more of a spiritual experience rather than a stressful experience! ha Well that is about it for now, I will be sure to post wedding pics and the honeymoon pics! I cannot wait! I LOVE Thomas!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The First!

We love boating. . .
Lake Powell. . .
Scoot rides. . .

Our many softball leagues (probably to many). . .

Riding Horses. . . These are just a few of our favorite things!