Whit & Tom

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh the Places You'll Go. . .

Well I finally did it! Dec. 9, 2011 I graduated! I feel like I have been in school FOREVER! And although it has not fully hit me yet, I am so happy to be done with school! Now I just need to find a job so I do not feel like a bum and become depressed at home everyday!

This is the group of people that I have been with for the past two years! I truly feel blessed for having such a small class and really having the chance to get to know all of them so well!

This is Paul, Jaimie, and Mallorey. These three are by far my best friends! I honestly do not know how I got so lucky to find them in my major and become as close with them as I did! These three are honestly beyond smarter than me and I know if it wasn't for them I may not have graduated! Thanks for sticking with me guys!

I had a great experience in school and at Weber State. I am grateful for my education and I hope I can continue to learn! This post is already becoming cheesy but one more thing I am grateful for is the Family Studies Major. Yes I have no idea what I am going to do with it at the time being, but I feel blessed that I have honestly loved my classes the past two years. I have learned so much about families, marriage, being a mom, and all relationships, and I know that I will always use what I have learned!

Monday, December 5, 2011

I am Bound and Determined to Get Caught Up!

I want to get caught up so I don't have a huge post about Christmas activities! This year we spent Thanksgiving with Tom's family and it was great! Last year we tried to do everything with both our families and it was a little much, we felt like we were driving more than we were with our families. So we decided whatever family we spent Thanksgiving with we would do all the activities with. I was sad to miss Black Friday and all of the events that go with it but it was a great weekend! We went up to Bear Lake and cut down a tree! We had to cross a raging river that almost got the best of West but it was worth it! Jake brought up his snow mobile and we had a lot of fun riding it around! Overall it was such a great weekend, I can never get enough of Bear Lake!

I seriously love these two! A major perk to marrying Tom was becoming an instant Aunt!