Whit & Tom

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update.. .

Life is going good right now. I am sincerely enjoying what I am doing. I recently got a job as a teacher for the Head Start program. I was super nervous to start this job, I have had a million plans and new plans as far as work and I really just wanted something I could stick with for a while. I think this job will be the winner! My class is great! The kids are so well behaved, my assistants are the sweetest, and the parents are really involved with the class. So far so good! The only down fall is the early mornings (maybe just early for me!) But overall it is great! Just what I needed!

Tom is in his last week for school! Yahoo! I am so excited for us both to be done with school for a while! At night I'm like a sick puppy that just sits around and waits for him to be done with his homework so that we can do something or even just talk! So it will be nice to have some time to ourselves! He is working at Fusion Imaging right now and that job as been a huge blessing for us! He is going to apply to some other places though just to keep options open.
Some random thoughts I have at this point in my life:
1. I'm nervous of things not working out. . . things are really good right now. I honestly don't have much stress in my life. Surely something is going to go wrong, right? Or am I just crazy?
2. What will the future hold? Now that we are both graduating I am constantly thinking about what the next couple years will hold. I tell myself to enjoy right now, wich I do, but I can't help but think about it! I'm just curious ok?
3. Me and Tom are officially a boring married couple. Tom and I are both not night people, we LOVE going to bed early! I had never really thought about it until this week two incidents happened. First, the other night I lay down to read and of course fall asleep, my dog barks in the middle of the night (or at least I thought) to be let out. I get up so angry at him for waking me up, look at the clock it's only 11. Yes I probably fell asleep that night at 8:30. it's an issue. Second, we went on a double date with my sister ice skating and to see the lights. Fun right? So we do all the activities and are taking Keelee's date back to his house. He asks if we want to come in and I'm thinking in my mind yeah right I am beat! But I don't want to be a buzz kill so I just stay quiet. Tom says no thanks man I'm pretty tired! Love him! I look at the clock. It's 10:30. We are LAME! But who cares I am well rested! I think we are just making up for all those late nights from dating. Right?
4. Lately I have had the mentallity (sp?) that I have to get all this stuff done before I can even think about having a baby. Like if I don't do it before it will never happen. It's silly little things like a bigger bed and a bed set. Me and tom inherited a bed and bed set when we got married and it's been great! But I am pretty sure it's made for one person. The dresser is very small so Tom has his own dresser in the spare bedroom. So I'm convinced that we have to get a king bed and bed set before kids, as if it will never happen after a baby. Like I have these "milestones" of sorts in my head that I have to hit before babies. And when people ask when we are having kids I want to tell them these "milestones" but I know it's ridiculous so I just give the universal answer "Oh not for a while".
5. I am thinking of doing esthetician school. Really just for something extra to have and to make some extra money. I am doing an eye lash extension class this weekend and am really excited about it! I just keep wanting to gain some extra skills. I guess I could get some useful skills but right now these are the skills I want!

As of right now that is about it with our lives! Things are busy but really good!