Whit & Tom

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Additon. . .

We got a puppy and I LOVE him! Tom is so sweet I have been begging for a dog ever since we got engaged! I have always had one growing up and Tom has never had one, so needless to say we did not exactly see eye to eye on this! One day looking on KSL for dogs (I did this everyday) I came across the cutest looking dog, plus it was the same kind as Tom's brother's dog so I knew he would be into it! I called Tom and told him about it so he looked at it and was stoked! He called the lady and bad new it was sold already! (or so he said) That night I was making dinner and I heard Tom yell my name in our back yard, I stepped out on the porch and saw the cute puppy sitting there with a blue ribbon on it! I wish I took a picture so badly! But I was almost in tears I was so happy! Tom isseriously the best!

Now I will admit it has been a lot of work but I get so stoked when he finally learns things! For instance I cannot even remember the last time he went "potty" in the house! So happy! He can finally sit and shake when you tell him! So happy! And he isn't bitting my ankles as much . . . we are working on it! But I love Grizz! Tom you are the sweetest husband ever!